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Ashi Inspection Agreement

The following articles or conditions are not part of a domestic inspection and comments to these are provided as courtesy by the inspector: In fact, several court proceedings defend the real estate agent`s ability to sign their clients` pre-inspection contracts. In addition, these cases are opposed to their clients` attempts to evade the terms of their inspection contracts, since they have not signed the documents themselves. 5. Payment: cheque or cash payment due at the end of the inspection. 9. New inspection: components, systems or areas that are not controlled due to weather constraints, power outages, restricted access or other reasons will NOT be reviewed as part of this inspection. The customer can schedule a new inspection for each component, system or area for a fee. A new repair check after the initial inspection is not part of this inspection and is also an additional fee. To cover the alleged damages, the complainants claimed more than $100,000, plus the additional costs incurred by the complainants during the litigation.

In its contract, the audit company had a limitation of liability clause in order to limit its financial liability in the event of missing or omitted defects. But there was a problem: customers never signed the pre-verification contract. The company undertakes to carry out limited visual control of the systems and components contained in the inspection, as they exist at the time of the inspection and for which the customer is required to pay a fee. The inspection is conducted in accordance with the standards of practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors, which can be found online for, and is limited by the restrictions, exceptions and exclusions provided by the standards of practice and this agreement. You agree that if the company recommends a reassessment of a condition mentioned in the inspection report, you will do so before the end of the emergency inspections and before closing. The inspector is not required to operate systems or components that are not fixed, do not respond to normal commands or are not switched off.