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Cohabitation Agreement After Divorce

However, it will always be useful to prepare a concubine agreement and other appropriate documents (for example. B a will). Concubine agreements allow couples to describe financial and other agreements in black and white. In this way, the couple can focus on developing their relationship and enjoying life without precariousness. This was the case of a client I helped recently. In today`s society, many couples choose to live together rather than get married. This growing trend has become more common than ever in recent years. There are several possible reasons why couples choose to live together instead of getting married. One factor that will likely be taken into consideration is the complexity of the legal proceedings that will occur if the couple divorces.

Couples who live together would prefer to be able to keep it simple and simply move rather than divorce formally. Andrea Caskey, a Toronto-based family lawyer and collaborative practitioner, specializes in the development of marriage and concubine agreements. “You can make contracts from almost anything except access and support for children,” says Caskey. Ideally, each partner comes to the table with their own lawyer and estate planning expert. “Then we talk about what you`re trying to protect, what your financial goals are and what your main concerns are, and we try to address them,” Caskey says. “We do a lot of pessimistic scenarios.” Agreements are legal and binding contracts relating to the rights of spouses to marriage, cohabitation or the breakdown of their relationships. They are negotiated by the parties with the support of their lawyers.