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Dbs Card Agreement

All foreign currency card transactions (including refunds and refunds) are subject to a fee levied by the relevant card associations, either as a refund fee for the tax imposed on us or as a direct charge to you. For foreign fees converted by Visa/MasterCard, Visa/MasterCard applies a conversion factor of 1% on the converted amount. For foreign fees converted by American Express, American Express applies a conversion factor of 1% on the converted amount. Tap to pay locally with Visa Contactless with your physical card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay to get 5% cashback. Just spend at least $400 on your card and keep your cash withdrawals at $400 and below the same month. This allows you to access the card selection page. Click the drop-down box and select the billing period. The default value is the current billing period. Click the drop-down field and select the name of a cardholder from the selection provided. click the name.

It is then displayed in the “Select map” field. CLICK ON THE REST. Before you start using your DBS card, here you will find some important information to know. 1.1.1 “Card” means any credit or lot card issued by DBS in the form of DBS Treasures Black Elite Card, DBS Black Card and DBS Altitude Card, which bears the American Express name and/or service mark. Cashback is only available for visa retail transactions in Singapore. 0.3% cashback is calculated based on the amount of expenses on the date of the transaction. The cashback that was earned for transactions in the current quarter (for example. B January to March) will be the following month (i.e.: April) credited to the main account linked to your card and displayed in your monthly debit/bank account statement (i.e.

May). Purchases are directly withdrawn from your bank account. There are potential risks of unauthorized signature-based, contactless or cardless transactions. Subject to the DBS Debit Card Agreement, the maximum liability for unauthorized transactions that are not due to your negligence is S$100. Please allow up to 14 days to process refunds. DBS reserves the right to recover the amount of the cashback without notice if it reasonably finds that the customer is not entitled to the cashback, including if the cashback was awarded as a result of an error, if the transaction is cancelled or if the transaction is not a retail expense. If the card and/or master account is terminated at any time, either by the cardholder or by DBS, the cashback earned is not credited to the cardholder`s account. Currency conversion fees levied by card associations U.S. dollar card transactions are converted to Singapore dollars on the day of conversion….