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Dentrix Payment Agreement Manager

Enter the other terms of the payment contract, for example. B annual financing costs. Select whether you want to charge a deferred fee for this agreement and, in this context, enter the late fee information. The payment Agreement Manager shows you all the payment agreements your office has with patients. In the Payment Agreement Manager, you can enter payments without going through the Ledger, and you can sort and filter payment agreements. If a patient is selected in the master notebook, on the File menu, click Payment Agreement Manager to view the payment agreement manager. You can also process payments from payment agreements with a credit card registered by Dentrix Pay. Watch this video to learn how. The first step in setting up a payment agreement is to open the main notebook and select a patient. On the Ledger toolbar, click the Billing/Payment Agreement button.

The Billing Information/Payment Agreement dialog box is displayed. To set up a payment agreement, double-click the name of the guarantor for whom you want to create a payment agreement in the Collections Manager list. If you have not yet established a payment agreement, you will be prompted to create a payment agreement. After you click Yes, the Billing/Payment Information dialog box appears. Specify the terms of the agreement, and then click OK. With Dentrix G6.4 and above, managing these payment agreements is even easier in your dental software. This article provides a brief overview of Dentrix`s payment agreements, and then examines the new payment agreement manager available in Dentrix G6.4 and above. For more information about the Payment Agreement Manager, see the feature overview video or the “Enter payment agreement payments with Payment Agreement Manager” topic in Dentrix Help.

For more information about setting up an agreement, see the Configure payment agreements topic in Dentrix Help. If you want to print the list, first make sure it is categorized as you like. Then click Print on the menu bar and the Print icon on the toolbar. If you want to export the information that you want to use in another program such as Microsoft Excel, click Copy on the File To Clipboard menu. Then open the software in which you want to use the payment contract data (for example.B. Excel) and press CTRL+V to insert the information. (Tip: This can be very useful for keeping records or for performing extensive analyses of your payment agreement data.) For more information about registering credit cards in Dentrix, see Once a payment contract has been established for a patient, you can review the payment agreement and make a payment by double-clicking on the guardian`s name, either in the Collections Manager dentrix or in the new Payment Agreement Manager window. . . .