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Dolly Helper Agreement

The site also allows assistants to have “assistants”. However, they do not receive additional payment. According to a spokesman for Dolly, they essentially share the salary of the assistant who likely asked for the assistant. If you`re doing a small task like loading a storage unit or moving truck, Dolly aids aren`t the cheapest option. This honor goes to TaskRabbit, another place to help hire. The agreement with the assistants is also strange, because otherwise an unconnected assistant would be called “hand” on this page and receive his own salary. In other words, workers always have the opportunity to see the proposed pay before accepting a job, making this opportunity better for the right person than the average. However, other moving platforms pay higher hourly rates for both drivers and assistants. Please contact if you have any further questions.

These Terms (and the other guidelines and terms above) constitute the entire agreement between you and us regarding the Dolly Platform and Services and supersede any prior agreements that may have been entered into. Terrible support. The company does not offer much when it comes to solving problems that may arise in the execution of tasks. You won`t earn $30/hour. You have to pay for your own moving inventory, otherwise you will end up making bad results and charged if you damage an object. The payment for moving large items is ridiculously low. Customizing a dolly does little to improve your payment. Dolly is like uber for moving: choose a moving task (z.B. A “Dolly”) order a “Dolly assistant” and pay someone to help you with certain parts of the moving process. Want someone to load your moving truck, get rid of your garbage or gather your furniture? Dolly does all that — and more. This is one of our largest moving companies. Put yourself upstairs! Fill in your application by submitting your personal data and the necessary documents.

Next, you need to sign the helper agreement, skip the information session on onboarding and delete a background check. I`m driving for Dolly, it`s great to be a little busier, but it`s an $18.19 big lie, it`s a lie. The Dolly Platform collects location information and is used and disclosed as set forth in`s Privacy Policy. Dolly gave us offers that her competitors blew water for two services: (1) small moves and (2) delivery and assembly in the retail trade. In both cases, offers for Dolly`s assistant represented a saving of more than $100 per job. More than six months as an assistant and I find that most jobs don`t approach the demand of $30/hour salary. Less gas/taxes, In more than six months, I have never earned $1000/week. I`m between jobs and I ask for almost every Dolly I can. At best, I get 50% of every Dolly I ask for.

There doesn`t seem to be any rhyme or reason for a Dolly to be assigned to you or not to you. At the beginning of December 2018, the amount of money paid to aid workers seems to have decreased, while those retained by Dolly have increased. It is increasingly difficult to justify certain dollies. Dolly has great customer service, but you seem to choose the customer through the assistant – the employee, whether it`s W2 insurance or 1099 No Workers Comp insurance – If you`re injured, if you`re moving, you`re alone! The company needs to be better managed for its new phase of growth. It`s time for operational executives – experienced logisticians. If your scale is now, it`s time for the operators – not the code writers in the student residence. Maybe the CEO should do an undercover CEO gig for a week and see the challenges counted by his assistants. While the company is a great idea – and I`m committed to it, there are clearly growth issues…