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Hosting Agreement Vertaling

4 The arbitral tribunal shall determine its own procedures, provided that two arbitrators are provided with a quorum for all purposes and that all decisions are submitted to two arbitrators for approval. The Serial ATA RAID comparison made headlines today in Slashdot and other well-known sites. The fact that an English translation of the article has been published can be described as quite a performance given the size of the article. The review has more than 28,000 words. We had little hope that a translation would take place until Hans van Zijl introduced himself as a volunteer. Hans laid the groundwork for the translation, which was later corrected by forum users phYzar, Gondor, MadMarky, Crash_neo, hezik, JoetjeF, tweakerbee, sverzijl, OnTracK, silentsnow, Rafe, F_J_K and signatories. We are very grateful for the contributions that these people, especially Hans van Zijl, have made. The specialized judicial agency transferred from Kosovo may, where appropriate, enter into other additional arrangements and arrangements within the framework of its competences under Law No. 05/L-053 and of the host State for the purpose of implementing this Agreement or dealing with matters not provided for in this Agreement.

Desiring to conclude an agreement on the admission of the specialized chambers of Kosovo and the specialized prosecutor`s office, in order to ensure the proper functioning and efficiency of the specialized chambers of Kosovo and the specialized prosecutor`s office in the Netherlands; 1 The Registrar of the specialised penitentiary transferred to Kosovo and representatives of the host State shall regularly consult the implementation of this Agreement and any supplementary arrangements or agreements relating to the specialised judicial agency transferred to Kosovo or between the specialised judicial institution transferred to Kosovo and the host State. Due to the heavy workload, the translation was finally published about a month and a half after the original article. This delay has also had advantages. It gave us the opportunity to add to the article new results from the Areca ARC-1160 and the LSI Logic MegaRAID SCSI 320-2E. The ARC-1160 was excavated in RAID 5 configurations with up to 12 hard drives and cache configurations of 128 MB, 512 MB and 1 GB. The latest firmware offers a significant performance improvement in virtually all workload simulations. The MegaRAID SCSI 320-2E is the first SCSI RAID adapter with PCI Express interface.