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Otelo handys ohne Vertrag

The included allowances can be used for roaming in the EU/EEA without surcharges at domestic rates. Du bist unter 28 und auf der Suche nach einem günstigen Smartphone-Tarif mit ausreichend Datenvolumen? Dann ist otelo Young genau richtig für dich. Otelo Young sind die Allnet-Flats für junge Leute ab 6 GB LTE für nur 14,99 €! You would like to switch to a different service provider and keep your current phone number? No problem, just take note of the following requirements for a successful mobile number portability. So which one is the best SIM card in Germany for students? It simply depends on your needs: Do you need a lot of mobile internet, or do you need free minutes and SMS? Either way, the following mobile carriers offer special discounts for students and young people and will definitely save you money compared to their standard offers. The age limit for these offers is 29 years (for 1&1) and 28 years (for O2 and Vodafone). If you are a student, you can still get the O2 discounts, even if you are 28 and older. Du bist Normal-Surfer, nutzt regelmäßig Apps und verwendest dein Smartphone auch zum Arbeiten oder Spielen? Dann lohnt sich ein Blick auf den Allnet-Flat Classic – dein praktischer und günstiger Mobilfunkvertrag von otelo. Zu einem monatlichen Festpreis sicherst du dir alle Vorzüge, wie das leistungsstarke LTE-Netz von Vodafone und endloses Telefonieren in alle deutschen Netze. Wenn du dir über deinen Datenverbrauch keine Sorgen mehr machen möchtest, ist unser Allnet-Flat Max Tarif die richtige Wahl für dich.

Hier bekommst du 20 GB Datenvolumen für nur 29,99 €. Tarifdetails zum otelo Max 20 GB. i have a vodaphone prepaid SIM card and I want to keep the same number and change it to a prepaid t mobile SIM card , how should I proceed ? thank you If you are a tourist or only a short-term visitor, Prepaid plans are probably the best choice for you. Postpaid plans are often cheaper but usually require a German bank account. German mobile data packages have been consistently getting cheaper over the last years. Now, they often even include unlimited calling and texting. See below which data plan would be the best for you: Vodafone has a network almost as good as Deutsche Telekom, and includes roaming for all EU/EEA countries (except Switzerland) at the German rates. Resellers include Fyve, Otelo, and Lycamobile. Hello, I am a Lycamobile user currently.

But I want to change to Vodafone. when I asked for the portability to lycamobile , they told me that it will cost 15 euro. Can I do portability free? I am a prepaid user. Thank you. Please reply. Wenn es etwas mehr Datenvolumen sein soll, empfehlen wir dir unseren otelo Classic Tarif. Aktuell bekommst du 10 GB für nur 19,99 €. Zusätzlich kannst du auch hier endlos telefonieren und simsen. Tarifdetails zum otelo Classic 10 GB. Basically, the commissioned salespeople at any mobile provider will try to get you into whatever pays them the most, and will lie about the terms. By the time you’re snared into a contract you don’t want and can’t cancel until the end of 2 years or more, that associate will be long gone.