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School Direct Grant Funding Agreement

This higher primary level, with a mathematical pass rate, is only available to eligible apprentices with at least a B in mathematics A or equivalent. The lower non-specialist rate is payable if the trainee does not have that rank or qualification. Schools and municipalities must respect the remuneration and conditions of teachers, which stipulate that an unqualified teacher must receive such a salary as part of the minimum and maximum remuneration of unqualified teachers. We reserve the right to carry out a reconciliation exercise for the funding of School Direct (salaried) at the end of the academic year. Subsidies that were considered eligible as a result of this exercise will be refunded. In most cases, rehabilitation will be done through compensation for funds paid to supervised schools in subsequent years. If this is not possible, we will charge the outstanding amount to the Lead School. Major schools that continue the program from 2019 to 2020 should recognize and accept their new GFA annexes. The grants are paid by the ESFA on our behalf. If you choose to recruit apprentices to ineligible courses, they must: Lead Schools receive a scholarship offer letter (GOL) containing the terms of the grant.

You must complete all sections of the GOL and email this document to Leading schools must provide us with an annual expenditure certificate by December 31, 2021. Subsidies that were considered eligible as a result of this exercise will be refunded. In the context of such a vote, grants can be collected as a result of: School Direct (tuition fees) that allow you to learn in the workplace on the way to your recommendation on qualified teacher status (QTS). This unpaid route is managed by a school or group of schools that work closely with an initial university or school-centric training (SCITT) that certifies successful apprentices. They will be established in a school, but they will also be taught by the university, university or SCITT with which the school is associated. Scholarships are awarded for the management of schools for each trainee, according to the mathematics and physics program that allows post-docctors to train and teach in state-funded schools in England. A school must be rated by Ofsted with a grade 1 (excellent) or a grade 2 (good) to apply for a place as a Lead School. Schools cannot recruit direct school apprentices (salaried). If this happens after hiring, but before the training begins, the intern must be transferred to another school in partnership. Failure to comply with these conditions is likely to result in a suspension of funding. Payments are made in 11 monthly installments from September to July, in accordance with Schedule D: Funding Cycle.