Business Start-Up
Thinking of owning - operating a business?
We have helped hundreds of people start their own vending business. We cover all aspects of the business fto help you become successful in your vending route operations.
Set your own schedule! The more locations, the more you'll make!
Whether looking for part-time, full-time, supplemental income, or just additional retirement funds, CoinServ can assist with your goals.
Remember, vending machines pay for themselves in good locations.
From the first day, your machines will begin to make money. There is no need to work & wait for months - years while building a clientele.

Benefits of operating your own vending business:
  • Immediate Cash Flow
  • Financial Independence
  • Recession Proof
  • Equipment Training
  • Unlimited Growth
  • Limited Time Investment
  • Excellent Profits
  • Great Tax Advantages
  • Part-Time or Full-Time, You Choose!

Lets Put Our Machines To Work For You!
Vending is a great industry!
Vending is a business model where you make a living a dollar at a time. And people always use vending machines, both when things are going well and even when times are tight. Everyone always seems to have a buck in their pocket! 

Wittern has been building vending machines since 1931, in Iowa and offers some of the best and newest technologies available, and has a network of service people all over the country for those times you can't fix something. So your machines will always be kept working, so your job becomes fairly easy. Keep the machines filled and cleaned, keeping your clients happy and you'll be on the road to success

We can provide vending machines, help you locate them and teach you how to run your vending business. We offer financing without the burden of having it affect your own personal credit rating, something no one else can do!  

We don't 'locate' machines for a fee, very few locators really ever do a good job of that.

We help you create a business. Part of that service is to help locate machines into true, qualified locations, not simply a 1-2-3 person office with no potential of ever making a profit.  We're different, and you'll see the quality of our service.

Are you ready to get started?  

It's really easy, just pick up the phone and call me! 

Marty Stein

Call (703)323-8000 today, let our representatives give you information about seminars in your area.

  • Learn proven sales techniques
  • Locating tips to live by
  • Learn about in-house financing and what it means for you
  • Our equipment overview set- up and training
  • Parts Information

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