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Welcome to CoinServ
CoinServ owner Marty Stein has been involved in the vending industry for over 30 years, and has done it all! From repairing pinball machines, joining the video game craze, and soon moving into vending. Selling and servicing equipment was our focus, as we then transisioned into full-line vending service.

Today, CoinServ proudly works closely with The Wittern Company, selling quality vending equipment to experienced vendors and helping new people joining the vending world by offering machines, financing and training.

Let's talk about your specific needs. Sure, you can review our website, and look at our machines, but we prefer talking, sure it's "old fashioned" to talk, but it's the best way to learn about you, your needs and your plans for the future. So, give us a call and together, we'll help you move forward and be both profitable quickly and for the future. Marty can be reached at (703)323-8000.


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